What Are The Characteristics Of Insect-pollinated Flowers And Wind-pollinated Flowers?


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First let us list the characteristics of insect-pollinated flowers:
1.Flowers are usually large, brightly-colored and scented to attract insects. If the flowers are small they may group together to form conspicuous inflorescences.
2.Nectar is often present to attract insects.
3.Pollen is fairly abundant. Pollen grains are large sticky and heavy, usually with rough surfaces so that they can readily cling onto the insects bodies.
4.Stamens may not be pendulous.
5.Stigmas are usually not feathery and do no protrude. They are sticky so that pollen grains settling on them are not easily displaced.
6.Nectar guides may be seen on the petals.

Now coming to the characteristics of wind-pollinated flowers:
1.Flowers are usually small, dull-colored and scentless and thus not attractive to insects.
2.Nectar is usually absent.
3.Pollen is abundant as wastage is higher. Pollen grains are small, dry, smooth and light so that they are buoyant and easily blown about by air currents.
4.Stamens usually have long, slender filaments that sway in the slightest wind and pollen grains are hence shaken out from the anthers.
5.Stigmas protrude and are large and feathery so that they provide a large surface area to catch pollen floating in the air.
6.Nectar guides are absent.
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Wind pollinated flowers are scentless,have no nectar,have feathery stigma and are small with dull colors.  Insect pollinated flowers are sticky,large with bright colors 2attract d insects,have scent,nectar,large petal for landing of insects.
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Pollination is the phenomenon in which spores produced by plants are transferred.Different plants have different means of transferring spores. Among them are wind pollinated and insect pollinated plants. They have certain features. Wind pollinated plants are those whose flowers produce spore that are light in weight so that they can be carried easily through air. Other feature of these plants is that they should have flowers that contain anthers above the carpel so that they could have maximum contact with air. Insect pollination is another mean of pollination. Such plants which use this mean have bright color petals and produce nectar to attract as many insects towards  them, so that their spores attach to their wings or body.
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Insect pollinated flowers have big petals for the landing of insects . Wind pollinated flowers have no nectagides
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Insect-pollinated flowers has nectar while wind-pollinated flowers do not have nectar.

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