Where Is Watts?


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There are two places in this world called Watts. One is situated in Los Angeles, California. It is surrounded by the cities of South Gate to its east and Lynwood which lies to its southeast, while Willowbrook on the south and Florence to the north. The district's borders are Mona Boulevard to the east, Imperial Highway which lies to the south, Century Boulevard to the north and Central Avenue to the west. The main thoroughfares all the way through the region include Santa Ana Boulevard; Compton and Wilmington Avenues; and 108th Street.

Watts is also a city that is located Adair County, Oklahoma, United States. It is situated at 36°6′28″N, 94°34′17″W. it covers a total area, which is completely land of 1.0 square kilometers. It's a very small city that comprises of a population of 316 individuals.

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