What Is The Strength Of Gravity On The Sun, Mars, Jupiter?


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The larger an objects mass, the bigger its gravity. Obviously the sun has an enormous mass in comparison with earth. The strength of gravity is huge here, hence the fact the whole solar system orbits it. Likewise, Jupiter has a much larger mass than earth. Whilst not nearly as strong as the sun, the gravitational strength on Jupiter would be a lot higher than on earth. Mars is slightly smaller than the earth, and as such has slightly less mass. As a result, the strength of gravity is similar, but not quite as strong as on earth.
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Martian gravity, due to its smaller size and lower density, is actually about a third of the Earth's, so it is significantly less. Jupiter's mass is over 300 times that of Earth so its gravity is much greater. The mass of the sun is nearly a million times greater than the Earth - the mind boggles...

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