Which Planet Has The Most Gravity?


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Gravity on the surface of each planet (based on calculations made by me and my collegue):
Mercury - 3.70 m/s^2
Venus - 8.87 m/s^2
Earth - 9.798 m/s^2
Mars - 3.71 m/s^2
Jupiter - 24.8 m/s^2
Saturn - 10.4 m/s^2
Uranus - 8.85 m/s^2
Neptune - 11.2 m/s^2
Pluto - .701 m/s^2

So, each planet has this much % of earth's gravity, so you can see better the comparison.
Mercury - 37.8%
Venus - 90.5%
Mars - 37.9%
Jupiter - 253%
Saturn - 107%
Uranus - 90.3%
Neptune - 114%
Pluto - 7.15%

In short, the first 3 posters that said Earth had the most gravity, know nothing about this.
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Jupiter's gravity is 2.5 times of Earth, the highest in solar system. BTW, gravity is not a function of density but rotation. Mass is a function of gravity. If you weigh 100lb. On Earth you will be 250 lb. On Jupiter.
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Jupiter. Its gravity is enough to crush us. Pluto has the least gravity. Earth does NOT have the greatest gravity :) hope this helps!
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It is not the Earth it is Jupiter.

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I'm quite sure that the planet with the highest gravity is indeed Earth, because even though it's not the largest, it is the densest. And gravity comes from density, not size. Also, the other planets are mainly comprised of gases, not liquids metals and rocks like the center of the earth.
I do believe you are currently on it! Earth.
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The earth
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Syahir Abdul Nasir
No, its not. Jupiter is the planet with the most gravity. The bigger the size of a planet, the stronger the gravitational attraction it has because it has more matter.

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