What Is The Temperature Of Jupiter?


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Scientists aren't sure exactly what the temperature is on Jupiter, but they do have some pretty good estimates.

Naturally, the temperature at Jupiter's core is much higher than anywhere else, and different levels of the atmosphere have different temperatures, too!

Jupiter's Temperature
  • Core - Jupiter's core is thought to be over 35,000 degrees Celsius, whereas Earth's core is probably about 5400 degrees Celsius.
  • Surface - Jupiter is a gas giant, so it probably doesn't have a solid surface like the Earth's. However, if you get close enough to the center, the hydrogen that makes up the planet becomes liquid, and this liquid has a temperature of almost 10,000 degrees Celsius.
  • Atmosphere - The upper atmosphere of Jupiter is actually very cold, reaching around -150 degrees Celsius in areas outside cloud cover.
About Jupiter

  • Jupiter is a gas giant, along with Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.
  • It's the largest planet in the solar system.
  • Jupiter is the fourth planet away from the sun.
  • The planet is made almost entirely from hydrogen.
  • Jupiter's four main moons are called Io, Callisto, Europa and Ganymede.
  • Jupiter is orbited by 67 lumps of rock, but most of these are too small and too far away to be considered moons.

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