When Is All The Hydrogen In The Sun Going To Turn Into Helium?


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I'm not an expert on this, but I don't think that once the sun has converted all its hydrogen to helium its the end. Once this has happened, I think stars generally then start fusing this helium together to make yet heavier elements for a few more million years. If I am correct, the energy output of the sun will decrease but not be completely reduced. Even so, this decrease in energy may be enough to cause the extinction of many species on earth. If the sun was completely extinguished, theres no doubt about it that humans and all life on earth will become extinct fairly soon.
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This will eventually happen and it will be the end of the sun as a star. It will collapse in on itself and probably become what is known as a black hole.Do not worry though it won't happen for billions of years.
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I'm not sure thats entirely correct... Once his happens I don't think its necessarily the end for the sun. Also I'm fairly certain that the sun doesn't have the required mass to become a blackhole. Instead it will go through the phases as a red dwarf, black dwarf etc, fading away rather than imploding on to itself.

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