What Is The Physical Appearance Of Gold?


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Gold, in its natural form, is a soft, dense, shiny metal. Its color is best described as 'shiny yellow', and it is one of the most versatile metals known to man.

What does gold actually look like?
Gold is one of only 92 elements that occur naturally on earth.

In its natural state, gold is one of the most 'malleable' materials about - which means that it can be beaten, twisted, stretched and squeezed into different shapes without ever breaking.

In fact, gold is considered pretty much indestructible. Even if you dissolved a piece of gold using chemicals, it would remain the same element - but in a more widely-dispersed state.

Gold is so versatile that it can be pounded into sheets so thin that light can pass through them and, if a piece of gold were to find its way to the bottom of the ocean, it would remain undamaged until the end of time!

When miners dig up gold, they find it in various different forms. Often, it is not 100% pure, and contains impurities from other metals.

Large pieces of gold are known as 'nuggets', whilst the precious metal can also be found in flakes, veins, grains, and even dust!

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A shiny, metallic material, usually found in a quartz ore. It's 'golden' in coloration.

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