What Is The Temperature Range For Neptune?


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The temperature on Neptune is generally very cold. Because the planet is so far away from the sun, the average temperature is -200 °C.

The temperature on Neptune

Since scientists' decision to 'downgrade' Pluto to the status of dwarf-planet, Neptune has officially become the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system.

In fact, the distance between Neptune and the sun is three-times greater than the distance between the sun and Saturn!

Because all the planets in our solar system rely on the sun as their primary source of heat, Neptune is a very cold planet indeed - and the outer layers of Neptune's clouds can drop to temperatures of -218 °C.

This is in contrast to the planet's very hot core, which is thought to reach temperatures of around 5000 °C.

Other aspects of Neptune which affect its surface temperature are its orbit, axis and rotation, which result in a situation where - at certain times of a Neptunian year (which lasts 167 Earth years) -different parts of the planet are warmer than others.
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According to Wikipedia:
Minus 225 degrees Centigrade, at the cloud tops.

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It is -225 °C

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