What Is Pluto's Temperature Range?


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It's temperature range is 10 degrees C, from -233 to -223 degrees C
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The surface temperature of Pluto has been estimated in a range from -378 to -396 degrees F.
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Pluto is known as the dwarf planet because it is the smallest known planet of the Solar system. It was discovered on February 18, 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh.

Pluto was considered as the ninth planet of the Solar system, however, it is now excluded from the category of planets. Instead it is now considered as a minor planet or a dwarf planet.

The mean temperature of Pluto is 44 Kelvins or -230 degree Celsius. The temperature range is 33 Kelvin to 55 Kelvin. Its atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and also nitrogen. When the Pluto is away from the sun, the temperature is freezing and the layer of the atmosphere falls to the surface after freezing. Whereas when it nears the sun, the frozen gases sublimate and turns into gas.

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