Suggest Any Two Ways To Overcome The Energy Crises In Pakistan?


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Thanks for your question with regards to overcoming Pakistan's energy crisis. The condition of Pakistan is as such due to the country's deficient energy power supply mix. It is largely a result of negligence on the lack of legislation and it's appropriate implementation, and a lack of concern with preserving energy and frugality of it's use.

Two ways of overcoming the energy crisis in Pakistan could be as followed:

  • Energy Conservation
One of the greatest methods for correcting the energy crisis would begin in the home. Conserving energy in the domestic environment as well as industrially would have magnificent impact on the overall crisis, however such a task may be somewhat idealistic without proper legislation to secure it.

  • Solar & LED lighting

One of the best and most effective modes of energy saving is the substitution of conventional lighting for LED lighting. Conventional lighting is seen everywhere in Pakistan's buildings, including it's governmental buildings, and a vast difference can be impacted just be switching to LED lighting. This will save an abundance of energy and serve to decline the energy crisis in Pakistan.

I hope this was helpful.

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First, you have to accept that there is not really an energy crisis in Pakistan.  The capability exists with current energy infrastructure to provide all of Pakistan's needs. If Pakistan wishes to become a "developed nation", with all that that means and entails, then the existing facilities will be unable to cope, and an energy crisis will ensue. Pakistan wastes much of its intellect, effort, and humanity in its mindless adherence to religion (whether good or bad). The country needs to grow up, or accept that fact that it is consigned to the third world forever.

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