What Is The Importance Of Fungi?


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Fungi are one of the very significant groups of organisms on the earth. They are beneficial in different ways. Like Fungi with the help of bacteria recycle the dead material and make it useful for the soil. Fungi are also very important for the good growth of most plants, such as crops. Many Fungi are eatables and are used by humans in their routine diet. Such as Fungi are used making cheeses, wine, bread, cakes and so on. Penicillin is a medicine also made by a fungus. Hence it has countless advantages in front of which disadvantages are nothing.
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Fungi are important group of organisms. They are important in many ways like recycling in which they return dead material to the soil in reusable form. Some species of fungi are edible and used as food e.g. Mushrooms. Fungi are used in the production of cheese, bear, wine, bread, cakes and some drinks. Fungi like penicillin are very good medicine and used to treat bacterial infection. Chines caterpillar fungus is used to control insect pests of crops.Fungi also can control potato beetles.
Beside these benefits, fungus also cause many health hazards in human and other animals. They also cause crop diseases and food spoilage.

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