What Is The Taxonomic Status Of Fungi?


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Taxonomic status of fungi has changed from that of a group of plant kingdom. Now they are placed in a separate kingdom" Fungi".
Plant like characters

They resemble plant in some respects:
They have cell wall.
They lack centriole.
They are non-motile.

Animal like characters
Fungi resemble more animals than plants. They show following animal like characters
Fungi are heterotrophs.
They lack cellulose in their cell wall and contain chitin a nitrogen containing polysaccharide also found in exoskeleton of arthropods. For this reason, some mycologists think that fungi and animals probably arose from a common ancestor.

Difference between fungi and animals
They differ in this way:
Fungi have cell wall.
They are absorptive heterotrophe.
They are non motile.
Fungi differ from all organisms:

DNA studies:
Their DNA studies also confirm that they are different from all organisms.

Nuclear Mitosis:
They show a characteristic type of mitosis called "nuclear mitosis". During nuclear mitosis, nuclear envelop does not break; instead the mitotic spindle forms with in the nucleus and the nuclear membrane constricts between the two clusters of daughter chromosomes.

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