What Is The Significance Of Communication?


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Communication play part in our life 24/7 ,even if we are not communicating with other person we are communicating with ourselves .communication is the basic need to understand and to make people understand your point of views or persua them according t your need ,good communication is a skill for mind control .the better the commuication is the better you have knowledge and the better you ll be able to control people ..thats why psychologist are very good communicators and are adroitest  in it .one can communicate through speech ,writing, body language ,or can use electronic devices to convey the message
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The communication is a way through which one can express themselves. There are different types of communication like: Verbal, nonverbal communication and body language is also part of communication. It has a significance importance in our life. Through communication one can enable person to express themselves and also can identify their needs. The communication can remove barriers between persons and give optimal understanding. It helps people to initiate people to take part in one to one or group discussion.
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In my point of you significance of communication is v
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To develop skills of acurate critical and selecting listening in order to improve language facility

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