What Is The Importance Of Computer In Communication?


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Since communication has very important role in society as well as organisation or enterprises  it is necessary that we should have an accurate and fast method for communication. Here we need computers to provide fast and efficiency manner for communication.
Now we have mobile phones, e-mails ,fax and other many methods for providing good way to communicate each other which cannot develop and work without computers.
Let us take the working of of an organisation. The communication between each and every levels, between two or more organisations  are carrying through computers. If there is no computers it should cause big wastage of time may cause wastage of data and so many other things.
Likewise computer based communication is necessary at every field whether it is hospitals or industry or government. Without computers there may be large wastage of time ,money and resources    which may cause great damages.
Hence computer is necessary in communication and without that it is impossible to provide a best way that fulfills the present requirements.
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It helps in chatting, now we can e-mail each other and talk on the computer. It helps a lot in our life and without computers life is something impossible...

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