How Much Does One Yard Of Screening Stone Way?


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The cost of the screening stone mainly depends on two factors:

  • the density of the stone
  • the volume (or depth) of the stone needed
The calculations would be simpler and better therefore for one cubic yard rather than one yard. The prescribed unit is lbs per cubic foot for weight calculation and then multiply the cost to get the cost per yard.

Constructing stone way is an excellent way to express the royal person inside of you. A stone way in a garden or resort with little works of color or an artistic touch enhances the "country" feeling of a yard.

Bricks would help for traditional zigzag shapes and designs. The work process given below is do-it-yourself type projects and it depends upon the selection materials. Ideal material for this type of screening stone walkways would consist of the largest and flattest stones. In designs and works of stones, the bigger the mass of a single stone is the more stable the structure is.

Making Stone Way:

1. The stones are to be fixed to each other. Hence at first you have to make a virtual structure of the expected one. Then the adhesive type materials are applied in between the gaps available and in between the separations too. The minimum width of the sticking material stays around 3 in.
2. First the path and direction should be pre decided. Otherwise, it would be problem to bend the path later. A temporary stone path like structure needs to be designed at first in order to avoid wrong direction of the work.
3. There should be a little inclination of the stone way either to right or left otherwise water will stay in the middle of the road making it odd for the people to pass along.

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