What Is The Difference Between A Mainframe Computer And Super Computer?


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Mainframe computer: Mainframe computers were introduced in 1975. A mainframe computer is a large computer in term of price, power and speed. It is more powerful than mini computer. Mainframe computer can serve up to 50,000 users simultaneously. Its price is $5000 to $5 million. These computers can store large amount of data, information and instructions. The users access a mainframe computer through terminal or personal computer.

A typical mainframe computer can execute 16 million instructions per second. Qualified operators and programmers are required to use these computers. Mainframe computers can accept all types of high-level languages. Different types of peripheral devices can be attached with mainframe computer.

1- IBM4381
2- NEC 610
3- DEC 10 etc.

Super Computer: Super computer were introduced in 1980. Super computer is the biggest in size and the most expensive in price than any other computers. It is the most sophisticated, complex and advanced computer. It has very large storage capacity. It can process trillions of instructions in one second. Its price is $500000 to $350 million. Super computer use high speed facilities such as satellite for online processing.

2- ETA-10 etc.
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A supercomputer can handle high amounts of scientific computation. It is maintained in a special room. It is 50000 times faster than that of microcomputers, which are very common nowadays. The cost that is associated with a supercomputer is roughly $20 million. Due to its high cost it is not used for domestic or office level of work.

It is used in areas such as defense, weaponry systems, weather forecasting or scientific research. It was first used for defense purposes and was used to keep the record information of war weapons and its allied products.

For example George and David Chudnovsky broke the world record for PI calculation by using two supercomputers to calculate PI to 480 million decimal places (PI is a commonly used mathematical constant that is based on the relationship of a circle's circumference to its diameter). From there onwards the value of PI became popular for geographically related calculations. In the next few years, more and more large industries will start using supercomputers such as the parallel computer, which will have hundreds or even thousands of processors.
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Mainframe computers are used in large scale organization whereas super computers are considered to be fast with regardless of its size.
Mainframes are generally called as an operating system whereas super computers are a mini computers.
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A MAINFRAME is one form of a computer system that is generally more powerful than other typical mini systems.They r used in large organizations 4 large scale jobs& also mainframes themselves may very widely cost&capability.
the kind traditionally used as the main record-keeper and data processor for large businesses and government facilities. But Super-computer" is a term used for very fast computers, regardless of their physical size. It used to be that a computer that could perform more than one gigaflop (one billion operations per second) was considered to be a supercomputer.Now, most high-end personal computers operate at that speed The most largest ,fastest&the most expensive computers in the world is SUPER COMPUTER.The are used for Bio-Medical Research,Weather Forcasting,Chemical Analysis in Labrotory etc.NEC'sEarth Simulator in Japan is now world's fastest computer.
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"Mainframe" refers to a 1953 Buick
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It is a computer that (I think) can think for itself, in a manner of speaking. Like a micro chip. I don't know much about it,sorry.

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