Where Is Abuja?


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Nigeria since the year 1991. In spite of being a city of high importance, Abuja is not very well developed, because of which Lagos, the initial capital of Nigeria, continues to be the place where many government offices are located.

Abuja, a city with a population of about 2.5 million, was the chosen capital primarily due to its central location. This city is rich in history, and it signifies national unity and neutrality. The city of Ambuja has a unique crescent shape when viewed from the top, which makes it an innovative specimen of great infrastructure.

One of the famous attractions of Abuja is the Aso Rock, which is a 400 meters monolith that has been caused due to many years of soil erosion. The important buildings and complexes like the Supreme Court, the National Assembly and the Presidential Complex are situated to the south of this Aso Rock. With a pleasant climate and topography that is one of its kinds; this city is a popular tourist destination!

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