Where Is Chepstow?


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Chepstow is a basically a border town placed on Monmouthshire-Gloucesteshire border, it is located at the meeting point of River Wyne and River Severn on Severn's west bank.

Chepstow is quiet well-known for its castle and race-course, which generally plays host to the Welsh Grand National. Chepstow proper is located on the bank of Wye, inside Wales. There have been settlements in Chepstow since the early middle ages. Chepstow was known as Strilguil during the Norman period, derived form the Welsh word Ystraigly which means a bend in the river.

Bulwark and Piercefield have been inhabited from the Iron Age, and Chepstow Castle has been the oldest existing stone fortification in Britain. After the Normans occupied Chepstow it was said to be the perfect location for a castle because of its excellent defensive location.

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