What Material Do I Use To Make An Edible Plant Cell Only?


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Rough Er- Sour worms
Lysosme- Chocolate chips
Cell Membrane- White icing
Mitochondrion- Sour fruit slices
Chloroplast- Green sprinkles
Ribosomes- any color sprinkles
Cell Wall- Chocolate Icing
Nucleus- Reese's cup
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Heres how:
Cell Wall: Chocolate Fingers
Cell Membrane: Icing/Frosting
Vacuole: Red Icing/Frosting
Cytoplasm: White Icing/Frosting
Nucleus: Chocolate Muffin
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Is there a base, like a cake? Or is it just standing on its own. Cause im sure it needs to have a base......
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In my daughters class a lot of kids used jello, but be careful some other foods make jello melt when you mix them. Check the jello website. Also some baked cakes and cut them into the shape they wanted. They used different candies and stuff to represent the different parts.  You can also buy unflavored geletan that has no color.  There is a product called fondant that is like edible playdough. You have to get it in a craft store, cake decorators use it.
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I meant that tell me the exact materials like you just told me diffrent canddies what canddies? What kind of cake mix? What kind of jello? You have to tell me that stuff! Stupid head! Dur de dur! Ha! Now give me the ingredients
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I'm doing that project and I'm in grade 8  soooo

nucleus = a big jaw breaker cut then put a little one inside
cell membrane = a piece of painted string lickerish
cell wall = a box
cytoplasm = jello (green)
vacuoles = cookies with blue icing
endoplasmic reticulum = those ummm.... Candy things that have stripes on the and they are about 1 inch in width I don't no wut they r called!!! Lol srry
mitochondria = I don't know wut to do 4 that
chloroplasts =  green smarties cut in half or not it doesnt matter and 4 the outside you can do I don't know srry

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