What Is The Function Of Cell Membrane?


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The functions of the cell membrane are:

1.serves as a boundary between the outside environment and the inside of the cell.

2.gives form and shape to the cells.

3.connects one cell to two or more adjacent cell.

4.may serve as an organ locomotion like that of an amoeba, a protozoan which utilizes its membrane as pseudopia or false feet for movement.
There is a really good article here: en.wikipedia.org

The short answer is that the membrane tries to keep out things that shouldn't be in the cell and tries to keep things in that should be in the cell.
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It gives the cell the fixed shape it has.
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The cell membrane forms a kind of partition between the inside and outside of the cell in order to keep the environments different.
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It protect the cytoplasm and it also form a barrier between the cell and its surrounding.it delimit the content of the cytoplasm and also regulates the taking of substances in and out of the cell.
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Other name of it is plasma membrane. It allows entry n exit of particles in cell. It is semi permeable meaning only selected particles can cross it.it ensures gud functioning of cell.

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