Oxygen And Sulfur Are In The Same Group (16) In The Periodic Table. This Means That, In General, Oxygen And Sulfur -?


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Oxygen and Sulphur are both part of Group 16 on the Periodic Table. Group 16 is called the chalcogen or oxygen family. The word chalcogen is taken from the Greek word meaning "Copper-former” but the chalcogens mainly all have nothing to do with copper so over time the word took on the meaning, ore-former. What this means is that these electronegative elements are strongly connected to metal bearing mineral,  where they have formed water-insoluble compounds with the metals in the ores.
There are a total of 5 elements in Group 16. These are Oxygen, Sulphur, Polonium, tellurium and selenium.
The Periodic table was invented in 1869 as a way to group and order all of the elements in the atmosphere. However, elements were starting to be named and grouped together back in the 18th century by Antoine Lavoisier who wrote the first extensive list of elements consisting of a mere 33 elements. Throughout history since then many different scientists have altered and added to this list as new elements were discovered and the periodic table as of now, holds 118 chemical elements which have all been confirmed, but there is plenty of space to add new elements as they are discovered in the universe.

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