What Is The Role Of Producers In The Cycle Of Matter?


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The cycle of matter is something that allows everything to live, for example, if there was no sun, there would be no plants, and following this, there would be no bees and therefore no honey. Everything has an effect on something else and you will be surprised at how big this effect is going to be. The producers in the cycle of matter are very important as they are the first stepping stone in the long line of different animals and plants within the cycle and they are the basis for any other effects.

· Role of producers

They are there to ensure that everything within the cycle of matter can be followed and that they are not going to fall at the first hurdle. You are not going to want plants to fail to produce nectar as this is not going to attract the bees and therefore the rest of the cycle is going to fail and be effect by something so small very disastrous.

· If there were no producers

It's simple. If there are not going to be any producers within the cycle of matter, then there are not going to be any other creatures which are going to be able to live and thrive. The cycle of matter would not be in effect if there were not any producers to start the different processes off.

It is clear to see and to understand that without the different producers within he cycle of matter then there would be no cycle at all. Everything depends on something else and this is all going to begin with the different producers. We need to ensure that we are going to be taking care of the different producers so we are not going to be at the hand of the disastrous effects which are going to follow.

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