How Do Seasons Affect Humans?


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Teenage hot and cold climate changes, often on people's emotions have a certain
impact; sudden changes in climate can also affect the body's physiological
function and changes in physiological function can affect the person's mental
state. When autumn, the weather mild, the mental state of people tend to be over
optimistic, feeling good; when the cold rain, dry and hot weather, people's mood
irritability or depression will become depressed. Spring and autumn, when
temperatures in the 18 ~ 22 ℃, people not only feel comfortable, mood stability,
and study and work efficiency is particularly high. If the ambient temperature
exceeds 34 ℃, then not only is sweating, burns a hole, and mood, anxiety, and
prone to excessive drinking, such as cold drinks, cold water showers, wind, etc.
When the night lying on the health of harmful excesses. However, when the
ambient temperature dropped to below 10 ℃, the emotion becomes a boring low;
less than 4 ℃, it will seriously affect the brain thinking. Summer and winter,
although due to natural temperature of the hot and cold, more or less than in
the normal human body temperature limits, but the temperature of the body to
adapt and nature, self-regulation has the physical ability to equilibrium with
it. If the continuous high temperature or cold, or can not meet with it
immediately, this is the case, it is not just emotional changes, and even can
lead to disease. In addition to temperature changes hot and cold outside, such
as rain, humidity, fog, wind and other weather, it can affect people's thinking
and attention.

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