Who Discovered Carbon?


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Carbon is basically a non-metallic and tetravalent chemical element. Carbon is usually in a very stable form and needs high temperatures in order to reach with other chemical elements.

Carbon is essential for all forms of life. It is, thus, one of the most abundant elements around the world. Due to this fact, Carbon has been known to mankind since ancient and prehistoric times. It was present in the form of Soot and Charcoal. Rene A . F de Reaumur was the first person who discovered that carbon is absorbed by iron to make it steel. The actual presentation of this chemical element to the world was by Claude Louis Berthollet and Gaspard Monge and C.A. Vandermonde.
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The date of  discovery of carbon is not proper but it considered to be in millions year ago it had discovered.
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No one knows the exact time, but it is around the mid 1800's. And the one who discovered it is unknown. Many looked at it, and thought, but no one really knows
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Known since ancient times. It was first recognized as an element in the second half of the 18th century.

A.L. Lavoisier proposed carbon in 1789 from the Latin carbo meaning "charcoal." A.G. Werner and D.L.G. Harston proposed graphite from the Greek grafo meaning "to write," referring to pencils, which were introduced in 1594. Diamond is a hybrid word from the Greek meaning "transparent" and "invincible." The blue color of the Hope diamond arises from a trace amount of boron substituting for carbon in the lattice.

Likewise, trace nitrogen accounts for the yellow color of the Tiffany diamond. In 1985 a new allotrope of carbon buckminsterfullerene was created in the laboratory. It consists of 60 carbon atoms in an arrangement similar to surface of a soccer ball. Its name derives from the inventor of the geodesic dome whose same is very similar and it is found in interstellar space. Other enclosed structures with differing numbers of carbon atoms also exist.

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