When Was Carbon Discovered?


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It was discovered in the mid 1800. The person who discovered it, is unknown.
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Carbon was discovered in the ancient times
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The discovery of Carbon has happened in three phases.

First, since prehistoric times man has used charcoal, which is amorphous carbon produced by burning wood in a limited quantity of air. Charcoal has been used as a fuel for many thousands of years.

Second, the discovery of the fact that carbon is an element existing in different forms was made in the late eighteenth century. This was when the theory of the elements was first proposed by Robert Boyle. Antoine Lavoisier also showed that diamond was a form of carbon, just like the amorphous form in charcoal.
Carl Wilhelm Scheele demonstrated at this time that graphite was carbon and not a form of lead as had previously been supposed.

The third stage in carbon discovery occurred in the late twentieth century when Harry Kroto and his fellow workers discovered the existence of other form of elemental carbon like the football shaped "Buckminsterfullerene" and nano-tubes.
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Carbon was discovered in the mid 1800 by a wealthy man named Humphrey Davy

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