Where Is Cancun?


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Cancun is on the Yucatan Peninsular, which is the Eastern side of Mexico and is surrounded by the Mexican Caribbean. A Great place to Party, especially for the younger generation during Spring Break, March every year.

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The tourist resort Cancun that is renowned the world over is located in Eastern Mexico, Central America. It lies on the coast of the state of Quintana Roo further east of Yucatan.
The tourist town of Cancun was once just an insignificant island off the coast of Mexico; it is now connected to the mainland with bridges.

Cancun has accommodation space for nearly twenty five thousand tourist at a hundred and forty hotels but even this seems insufficient to accommodate the four million tourist who arrive there annually.

Cancun was in the news a couple of years ago regarding the World Trade Organisation summit that was held there in 2003. The summit collapsed when twenty one developing nations formed a united group and refused to agree to the European Union, the United States and Japan's proposal to remove all trade barriers in exchange for the removal of agricultural subsidies.

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