How Often Do Hurricanes Hit Cancun?


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Well in the 4 years that I have lived here in Cancun, we had Wilma in 2005, a Cat 5 Hurricane that stayed over Cancun for around 60 hours, so lots of damage and flooding !! I wouldn't even like to guesstimate the cost for repairs.

Since then... Hurricane Dean but that only hit here mildly more like a Tropical storm, but everybody
was much better prepared than with Wilma, so relatively little damage !!

There have been only 2 actual hurricanes to hit Cancun in this time period, but a few tropical storms.

It seems that the Major Hurricanes like Gilberto and Wilma tend to hit around every 10 years or so !!
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Some cities are built to be destroyed. Haplessly that's the fate of Cancun. Situated in the Easter Mexico, Cancun is hit by hurricanes in average of two and half years. One of the top visited tourist spot of Mexico, Cancun was last struck by Hurricane Wilma on 21st October 2005. It was reportedly a category four hurricane, with a speed of 150 mph. Tourism industry went down by 95 per cent and damages worth eight million dollars were recorded.

Sadly the residents have learnt to live the striking hurricanes. Government of Mexico pays special care to reduce the damages and casualties. Tourist have also adapted themselves, they avoid the perilous months starting from June to October, when hurricanes generally attack.

There are around 140 hotels with approximate 24,000 rooms and 380 restaurants in Cancun, around four million people visit Cancun every year.
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Wilma was a Catagory 5, The damage was a lot more than 8 million dollars, maybe 8 million dollars for each Resort. Big hurricanes hit Cancun about once every 10 years with small ones every 5 years not to count the tropical storms every year with no damage. This is the truth.

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