What's The Effect Of Acid Rain To The Economy?


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Acid rain to the Earth's ecological environment and human beings
have serious socio-economic impact and damage. Studies have shown that acid rain
on soil, water, forests, buildings, monuments and other cultural landscape are a
serious danger not only cause significant economic losses and threaten human
survival and development. Acid rain to soil acidification, reduced fertility,
root crops toxic substances more toxic, killing root hairs, resulting in
stunting or death. Acid rain also kills the plankton in water to reduce fish
food sources, destruction of aquatic ecosystems; acid rain pollution in rivers,
lakes and groundwater, directly or indirectly endanger human health; acid rain
damage to forests can not be neglected, acid rain leaching plant surface, direct
injury or indirect injury to plants through the soil. Promote forest decline.
Acid rain on metal, stone, cement, timber and other building materials are very
strong corrosion, so the wires, rails, bridges, housing porosity, causing
serious damage. In the acid rain, acid rain damage Phi Phi are that shocking, as
in Sweden, more than 90,000 lakes, there are more than 20,000 have been acid
rain damage, four more than 1000 free of Fish Lake. The United States and
Canada, as stagnant water in many lakes, fish, plankton, and even water plants
and algae are swept away. North American acid rain, large areas of forest area
has been found to die of acid rain. Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and other
countries have more than 700 million hectares of forest are dying, China,
Sichuan, Guangxi and other provinces have more than 10 million hectares of
forests are dying. Many of the world the world of ancient buildings and stone
surgery products were acid rain, corrosion and serious damage, such as China,
Leshan Giant Buddha, the Canadian parliament building, etc.. Recently found that
the lions and the Marco Polo Bridge near Beijing's monument, pagoda and so on
have all been Wutasi of Diamond rain erosion and severe damage. Acid rain caused
by air pollution, but air pollution is a global problem crossing borders, so
acid rain is a disaster involving the world, the world needs the
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The acid can damage the building , farm crops and so on ,it can make economic losses.

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