What Is The Relationship Between Sulphuric Acid And Acid Rain?


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Acid rain takes place as a direct result of the natural cleaning process of the atmosphere. The tiny droplets of water which form clouds confine within them the suspended solid particles and gases in the atmosphere. Among these gases are sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides which are them chemically converted into sulfuric and nitric acids. Other than this some sulfuric acid may also be formed directly in the droplets of water from the reaction of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.
Some of the effects caused by acid rain and the sulfuric acid present in it are:

• The acid may react with buildings and marble made structure by reacting with the Calcium carbonate and this reaction forms Calcium bicarbonate which is soluble and hence causes the structures, buildings etc to deteriorate. 

• Acid rain can filter aluminum from the soil and make it get mixed with ground water, lakes or rivers. This can poison fish and many plant roots.

•Acid rain disrupts the process of photosynthesis, hence causing damage to plant life

•If the acid rain is highly concentrated, it slows down the production of chlorophyll and at high concentration it may kill plants.

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