What Is The Difference Between Economic Development And Human Development?


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Simple economic development is acquired by men's work or natural resources without people being given benefit; so it is just an increasement on numbers. Human development includes improvement on education, health, wealth and happiness of people in general, and this requires that natural resources, as well as good environment, can be preserved for all people for a long time, so that a good future might be ensured to all.
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Economic Development and Human Development cannot easily be differentiated.  
Economic Development cannot be achieved if people are not challenged to move ideas and translate them into some quantity that can easily be shared and transported (goods/services/money). In the process of creating this Development people get educated; try to improve thier social status and generally seek a better way of life (Human Development)

It is clear then that both work in tandem, although because the benefits of economic development are shared/monitored/ controlled by some "power body with an abscence of all there is" Human development might be uneven. In this context we must recognize that this could be considered a chicken and egg senario-each impacting on the other with the trun out dependant on who is in control.

The only thing that can seperate Human from Economic Development is an Economic Order based on God's principles. In this one is rewarded for multiplying or recreating new things from the tithes (units from the elements of land wood and water) that exist; while being assured that comfort is guranteed for all,

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