Why Is It Important To Save Energy?


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Because it is a good habit
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Most of the electricity we use comes from fossil fuels, which are not renewable sources. The more electricity we use, the faster these sources will be depleted. Using fossil fuels also pollute the environment due to gas emission. That's why saving energy is as important as not throwing your garbage around and recycling. You can do it in many ways, such as using LED lights rather than incandescent ones or buying home appliances that are Energy Star Qualified. The great thing about that is the fact that it also saves your money.  My husband and I have decided to go full green while renovating our house. Month by month we were making changes in the way we consume energy by using recycled materials and buying appliances that use less water and electric energy. Our last purchase was energy saving Bosch WAT28400UC with EcoSilence Motor, and I have noticed that our bills were lower in the last two months.

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Because we need to be conscious of our presence on this planet. When we instaled our air conditioning in Mijas this summer we asked about most eco-friendly and least energy consuming model. It pays of both to us and our planet

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Which form of energy you are talking about?

By minimising the energy you waste and using energy more
efficiently you reduce your overall energy consumption and the
greenhouse gas emissions associated with it.

emissions of greenhouse gases are causing changes to our climate and
environment on both a local and global scale, resulting in more extreme
weather conditions, rising sea levels and changing vegetation.

Take a look at this link powermin.nic.in

Hope we all save energy and help each others...

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It is important to save energy because if we use to much energy then most of the fossil fuels, coal, and oil will be gone in the future and we will have to rely on solar, hydro, and wind energy but those types will have consequences in them.

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