Why Do We Need Conservation?


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To help save the worlds animals. This really bothers me that all the animals are dying. Here are some ways to help save the animals and the world they live in:

:Save energy, power down
:Clean up litter
:encourage men and woman to stop oil spills

plaease do these things. It really bothers me that the anim als are dying and it will really bother me if the animals went extinct
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For the future generation....we can't let them have no water to natural resources like coal fuel oil without tht is Tuff....we wouldnt like our grandchildren's children to have a hard core life....would we???.I wouldnt...conservation is much much much much better than exploitation
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  need conservation to meet the water requirements of the world's population.
  70% of the earth is covered with water but only 3% of it is fresh water.
  Fresh water is the primary source of survival. Over the years the ground
  water levels have reduced significantly. We need to minimize the usage of
  fresh water so that there is enough to go around. There are many simple
  things we can do to save water. Check out this link to know tips on saving water.   

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