Explain The Breathing Mechanism In Human Beings?


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Between the body and the external environment, the gas exchange process, called
respiration. Through breathing, body metabolism uptake from the atmosphere
needed for O2, discharges arising from the CO2, therefore, is to maintain
respiratory function of the body metabolism and other activities necessary for
one of the basic physiological processes, if breathing stops, life will be
terminated. In higher animals and humans, breathing process consists of three
interrelated and progress to link with to complete: External respiration or lung
breathing, including lung ventilation (outside air and lung gas exchange between
the process) and pulmonary ventilation (alveolar and pulmonary capillary gas
exchange between the process); gas transport in the blood; breathing in
breathing or organization, that organization ventilation (blood and tissue, the
process of gas exchange between the cells), sometimes to the oxidation of
intracellular included. Not only rely on visible respiratory breathing to
complete the process, but also with the blood circulatory system, such
coordination and cooperation, and they adapt to the level of metabolism, they
are subject to the regulation of neural and humoral factors.

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