Where Is The Human Loin?


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When you arc using the word lion for a human being it is used with the addition of the letter's'. Though the word is a not used in modern day English and considered as the old fashioned one, it certainly describes the kind of the part of a human body that can be located around hips. The part falls between waist and top part of the legs.

Sometimes the word can also be used to describe the sexual organs of a person's body but this use happens only in literally terms and not otherwise.

Other than the abovementioned use that word van also be used, and this use is more popular, to describe a piece of meat that is taken from the back of an animal and almost close to the tail. You can often find this use of the term in the names of cuisines and you often come across the term 'loin of pork' that describes the meat taken from the abovementioned area.

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