What Are The Major Industries Of Canada?


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Auto and oil Are The Major Industries Of Canada.
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Canada is the world's richest countries, is one of the Western Group of Seven homes and one of the world's top ten trading nations. Manufacturing and high-tech industries. Main exports of motor vehicles and parts, other industrial products, forest products, metals and energy products.
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Canada is West one of seven big industrially advanced countries,
belongs to the foreign capital and the foreign capital dependence greatly
strengthened the country which founds a nation by the trade. Canada is China's
important trade partner, but China is also Canada's important trade partner.
China the main product which imports from Canada includes: Lumber, chemical
industry, wheat, chemical fertilizer, mechanical device, paper pulp, paper and
so on, but Canada imports from China the main product includes: Textile,
mechanical and electrical products, light industry handicraft, cooking oil food,
mechanical device and so on. 1st, forestry Canada is the world-famous forestry
resources very rich country, the forest cover area amounts to 4,400,000 square
kilometers, produces the timbered area to amount to 2,860,000 square kilometers,
respectively in the Canadian territory area 44% and 29%, the lumber always
accumulates the quantity is 17,230,000,000 cubic meters. Canada's forest
property right 80% belong to various provincial governments, 11% are the Federal
state, 9% are personal, most has the connection with the business circles to cut
the power mainly to control by Canadian various provinces. Therefore, in Canada
industry and trade council China members, if has the interest to Canada's forest
industry should better with Canada's various provinces contact. 2nd, fishery
Canada is in the world the biggest fishing product export State, 75% fishing
products outlet, its fishing service is divided the Atlantic fishing zone, the
Pacific Ocean fishing zone as well as the Province of Ontario fresh water
interior fishing zone primarily. Canada Federal state Ministry of Fisheries has
to the Canadian various fishing zones development and the legislation, the
management, the research and overseas coordinated promises the power, and is
responsible to censor the fishing product sale situation. Therefore, in Canada
industry and trade council China members, if has the interest to the Canadian
fishery should better with Canada Federal state's Ministry of Fisheries and the
fishery production area contact. 3rd, agricultural Canada is the agriculture
divides into the Atlantic area, the central area, the prairie area, the Pacific
Ocean area and the northern area, its farm has four kind of shapes: Domestic
animal, grain, domestic animal and each kind of mix and special product
(vegetables, fruit and so on). The Canadian arable land area approximately
composes the Canadian territory area 16%, the cross sectional area the
approximately 68,000,000 hectares, have accounted for the Canadian total area
8%, the agriculture by the wheat class primarily, mainly has the wheat, the
barley, the flax, the oats, the rapeseed, the corn and so on. Canada's Ministry
of Agriculture Consumer Services department and the medical department, are
equipped with certain laws and regulations to the Canadian agriculture and the
product production and marketing. In Canada industry and trade council China
members, if invests the Canadian agriculture or the import and export
agricultural product, please with these organization contact. 4th, industry
Canada's industry by petroleum, metal smelting, papermaking primarily. And the
energy industry is very developed, its each kind of energy main preserve west
Canada various provinces, the petroleum, the natural gas, the coal, the electric
power surpasses own need, the grinding compound storage capacity which Canada's
Arab League berta province may mine is 400,000,000,000 barrels, occupies Canada
17%, verifies the crude oil reserves is 8,000,000,000 barrels, and the uranium
is the world first, is in the world leading exporter, the zinc also occupies the
world first, the gypsum, the potassium, the nickel, the cobalt, the titanium and
the asbestos output occupy the world second, the molybdenum, the platinum, the
sulfur, the aluminum, the copper, 釺, the chromium, the silver and the gold, its
output occupies the world first 5Position. Canada's mining industry property
right is responsible by various provinces, Canada Federal state is responsible
for the seacoast minerals the development. In Canada industry and trade council
China members, if to Canada's minerals, the energy industry is interested, may
contacts with Canada Federal state and various provincial governments. 5th,
manufacturing industry in the Canadian industry including more than 20
categories, heavy industry, automotive industry, parent metal smelting industry,
plastics industry, electron electrical equipment industry, machine manufacture
and so on. Canada's manufacturing industry mainly concentrates in Province of
Ontario, the BC province and the Arab League berta province, Province of Ontario
accounts for the entire Canadian total output value above 52%, north the meeting
gram province accounts for 24%, the western BC province and the Arab League
berta province account for 14.7%. In Canada industry and trade council China
members, if has the interest to the Canadian manufacturing industry, may with
the above three province contact. 6th, the other industrial Canada development
potential big industry also has industries and so on aviation, environmental
protection, biotechnology, communication, natural resources. In Canada the
industry and trade council China members may these industrial centralized
province and the company contact.

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