What Are The Causes Of Industrial Fires?


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Combustible materials. Ordinary combustibles like paper, cardboard, cloth, and wood, or products made from these materials, can create fire hazards as well. Other combustible materials, such as oily rags or other materials soaked with oil, can spontaneously combust if left carelessly lying around.
Electrical problems. Overloaded circuits and outlets, damaged wiring, defective switches, and damaged plugs can all lead to dangerous electrical fires. Electric coffeemakers, fans, space heaters, and other appliances used by employees are also potential fire hazards.
Heat and ignition sources. Any source of heat or ignition (such as a spark) can lead to a fire when combined with combustible or flammable materials.
Machinery. Inadequately lubricated or dirty machinery can also cause fires, as can mechanical defects.
Smoking. Although smoking is most likely prohibited except in designated areas, employees may ignore the rules and sneak a smoke in restrooms or some low-traffic hideaway. A smoker might toss a match or cigarette butt into a wastebasket thinking it's extinguished when, in fact, it's still burning.

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