Can You Describe About The Role Of Gypsum In Agriculture And Industry?


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Gypsum a hydrated calcium sulphate, is a mineral that occurs in large deposits throughout the world. Gypsum is applied to the soil as sources of calcium and sulphur. The calcium supplied by gypsum in fertilizers is of importance in crop production in area where soils are subject to extensive leaching. The root system of several plants has been observed to be greatly enlarged by the application of sulphur. It has been reported that good crops are produce by the application of sulphur containing material such as gypsum.

Aside from serving as a constituent of protein and various other compounds in plants sulphur has an influence on chlorophyll development in plant leaves. When gypsum is heated under carefully controlled conditions, it loses three quarters of water of crystallization .The resulting product is called Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is used for making plaster walls, casts of statuary, coins, etc. Plaster of Paris is used in surgery .It is used for holding in place fractured bones after they have been set. Plaster of Paris when mixed with half of its weight of water, it forms plastic type viscous mass and then set to a hard porous mass.

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