How To Make A Working Model Of Stomata?


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Stomata are pores which are found in a leaf that is used for the exchange of gas. A working model of stomata would be reasonably simple to create and would need to ensure that the following could happen:
  • The size of the hole (the pore) would need to be regulated
  • The hole would need to open and close when this was required
Stomata open and close in certain conditions which would need to be reproduced in a model. The pores open during periods of high humidity and in extreme light conditions, whilst they close in low light and low humidity conditions.

The most obvious items to use when building this model would therefore be some sort of artificial light, such as a light bulb, or a candle, and the pore could be represented by small balloons. Balloons need gas to inflate, and the gases provided by light and heat could make the balloons inflate, and deflate much like stomata.

Water also has an impact as to when stomata are open or closed. If there is a shortage of water present for any particular length of time, the stomata will close. Too much water and they will open. This message is sent to the stomata from the roots of the plant. Water could be introduced into the model in much the same way, using the balloons. The balloon wouldn't necessarily close if too much water was present but it would be visible when this was the case.
A model of stomata is a great way to show off biology skills learned, and could make an interesting investigatory project for a school or college exam.

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