How To Make A Working Model Of Ozone Hole?


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It's really not possible to make a working model of an ozone hole, since the materials needed to produce this effect would be prohibitively expensive; however, the best strategy for an ozone hole science project would be to create a detailed diagram of how the ozone hole is being depleted (numbering each step of the process), and then add 3-D embellishments to the drawing to create more visual impact.

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Videos showing the impact of ozone hole depletion could also be added to the project. Examples of products, such as aerosol sprays, that are perceived as key damagers of the ozone layer could be compiled and laid out on a table for display. If a working model is needed, it may be possible to use heat or chemicals to "burn" a hole in a piece of fabric designed to act as a symbolic "ozone layer". 

However, safety must always be considered when a working model of this type is made - many of the substances that could burn a hole in a piece of fabric are dangerous, and these may react with other chemicals found at a science fair, or in a science laboratory. Be sure to approve your idea with an adult or teacher before you begin and have them supervise you as you experiment with ideas for creating your working model.

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The best science project will feature a research phase, where a student collects facts, figures and know-how that helps him or her to really understand the details of the scientific process he or she is studying. Don't neglect this crucial research phase when you're working towards planning your science project. Once you have the facts you need, move on to the execution phase, being sure to test your science project many times before the display day at your school.

Learning about science is fun and useful, and such learning may lead to an exciting career.

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