How To Make A Working Model Of Bio Gas Plant?


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Essentially what you want your working model to do is break down organic matter without oxygen being a part of the equation to create a bio gas plant. The following can be your guide to a working model according to
The above site describes what the writer considers a working model with various sizes. Described here is the smallest size.

1. A biogas plant will work based on the quality of construction, meaning you need to know about the dimensions of the plant as well as what plant is being given.
2. According to the information with a plant size of 4 cubic meters, you will need 24kg of fresh dung daily, 24 liters of water daily, and 2-3 cattle. Keep in mind this is a larger scale model. You can reduce it to fit your needs.
3. You will need to construct a plant with five main structures. You have an inlet tank, a dome, an outlet tank, a composite pit, and a pipeline.
4. You will need cement, sand, gravel, water, bricks, and stones to construct the biogas plant.
5. Choose an appropriate site for your construction. If you are going with a smaller model that can be used in a science fair, you can still use the above materials but scale it back.
6. Refer to the source for diagrams and more instructions.

Basically, what you want is to have a rounded container that has a pipeline to your water, and to have the entire thing covered. For a working model in a science fair consider using a fish tank to place your round tank, pipeline and other structures. Then include composite inside making certain to bury the entire creation and then place a lid over it.

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