What Makes Up The Composition Of Blood?


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Blood, is a vital fluid which is present in human and animal which circulate in the whole body and provide nourishment to organ and tissues and remove the waste materials from it. An adult person has 5 to 6 liters of blood which is roughly estimated to be 7 to 8% of the total body weight. Blood carries oxygen from the lungs to all the other tissues present in the body and in turn carries the waste materials which are present in the body.if the tissue and organs are not receiving oxygen then the person dies in few minutes. Blood plays an important role in creating immunity against different kind of diseases as well. Blood is composed almost 55% of liquid which is known as plasma.

Blood is basically made up of three main types:
Red blood cell
White blood cell
Plasma which is present in the quantity of 55% in blood is mainly composed of water and salts. The kidney maintains the concentration of salt in the plasma as little changes will cause cells in the body to function improperly. Red blood cells make up almost 45 by volume of blood .The main function of the red blood cell is to carry oxygen to every cell of the body. White blood cell makes up only 1% of the blood. They play and important role in the body immune system. Platelets are the smallest cells in the body.
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45% of blood is solid
55% of blood is pale yellow colored liquid known as plasma. Of this plasma 90% of it is purely water and the remaining 10% is soluble suspended substance & digestive end products.
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Composition of blood

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