In Which Climate Does Bamboo Grow?


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Most species of bamboo adapt to a warm and humid climate. The annual average of temperature is ranging 12 degrees centigrade to 22 degrees centigrade as well as annual average of precipitation ranging 1000mm to 2000mm. They are grow well under the condition of enough water, and the requirement of water higher than temperature and soil. As well, there are some differences between different species of bamboo. Like the scattered bamboo, they have a stronger ability to adapt and grow in the condition of bad weather such as drought and cold. But the mixed bamboo can not grow better in drought and cold conditions and the requirement of soil also higher than scattered bamboo.
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Well first you have to think where does a bamboo grow and who eats it. It grows in Asia and Pandas eat them. In China there is usually a warmth weather. So it needs warmth.

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