What Are The Physical Properties Of Helium?


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Helium is an inert gas by nature. It is from the group called Noble gases in the periodic table. It can be considered as the most noble gas of all as it exists as a gas even in the extreme cases and it has the lowest boiling and melting points.

Following are the Physical Properties of Helium:

- Odorless
- Tasteless
- Colorless
- Boiling point of -268.9 degree C
- Freezing point of -272.2 Degree C
- It can not convert to solid in a low temperature.
- For solidifying the gas, pressure must be exerted on it.
- Helium takes on different properties at different temperatures that is why its different forms are called as Helium I and Helium II.
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The physical properties of helium are:

Helium is a colorless gas which is sustainable at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius. Its boiling point is 4.2k. Its heat of vaporization is .1kj/mol. Its thermal conductivity is .15 j/m sec K. It is abundantly present in the solar system and is found in earth's crust. It has no odor and is considered as less toxic. It has the lowest boiling and melting point among all of the elements. It is only present in gaseous state and has atomic number of 2.
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Helium is a colourless, odourless gas with an extremely low boiling point
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It is a colorless odourless gas
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