Why Do We Need To Study Personality?


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Personality is a major part of what makes a person who they are. Therefore, it is very beneficial to study what shapes someone's personality.

Studying personality can find out the questions that follow:

• What affects someone's personality?
• Is a personality nature or nurture?
• How mental illness can affect personality?
• How personality can help in succeeding in life?

Personality is complex and what makes a person, be the way they are is even more intriguing. Many will say that a person is shy due to their childhood and how they were raised. However, it is quite common for siblings to have completely different personalities; even though they were raised the same. One may be extremely shy and lack confidence; whereas the other could be very outgoing and social.

Another reason to study personality is to try and determine how much is nature and how much is nurture. People believe a lot of your personality is pre-determined and is somewhat inherited, whereas others argue that life experiences are what really forms a personality.

A change in a person's personality can often be the first symptom of many mental illnesses; as someone who is suffering from depression can become very withdrawn and quiet. Therefore, studying personality can help a person spot any signs of mental illness in another person early on - which can be vital to recover and receive the correct treatment.

It is also argued that personality can be vital to people getting jobs and forming relationships; and so it is important to study why this is and what kind of personality best suits certain situations.
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So we can have greater understating in one another,&teachs us to. Adapt to change(jail).empathy,respect,opens us to communicate.i study to keep negative&human waste away. Love ur
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By studying personality one can find out if he or she is an extravert, an introvert, phobic, neuritics, and so forth.
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It enables us to know more about human, human development.
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by studying others.

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Personality theory relies on observing the individual characteristics, understanding how these different properties came and finally how they affect the quality of life of an individual is doing. Personality is one of the most theorized and most researched aspects of psychology. To understand this concept, you first need to understand the difference between traits and conditions.

The need to study the personality development courses in Chandigarh, most people know that they are outgoing, friendly, confident, or shy. When describing these people, we will use these characteristics to better understand their personality. I better understand who they are.

Meanwhile, the state is a temporary change of personality. An example of a state could be angry, depressed, horrible, or uneasy. We usually use states to describe people's reactions to something.

The key to understanding the difference is to think about how a person is typically (trait) and how it temporarily changed in response to something.

Need to study the personality is an attempt to understand both the character of personality and the way that property affects life by living.

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To improve the skill.. And the knowleged

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