Why Do We Need To Study Science?


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Science isn't an abstract academic subject- it's every day, all around us and part of everything that we do. From going into hospital for an operation to playing a game on the latest computer, we are all surrounded, influenced and shaped by science.

By studying and learning from the past we can move forward and create, helping to identify and cure illnesses as well as great cutting edge products that quickly become part of the daily routine.

  • Technology
The personal computer, laptop, notepad or cell phone that you are reading this from has its origins in science. It took years of painstaking research to introduce the first personal computers, from there things are refined and altered making it possible to have access to a world of information with the click of a couple of keys.

When you go on vacation it involves travel, the use of petrol, diesel or oil combined with an airplane, coach, train or car to get you to where you want to be with further research making things quicker and more convenient.

  • Health
One hundred years ago life expectancy levels were in the fifties, thanks to research into illnesses and conditions there are very few conditions that can't be treated with most folk confidently looking forward to living into their seventies and beyond. Generations ago the common cold was a killer but these days we think nothing of popping little white pills into our mouths to cure coughs and pains and get frustrated if the impact isn't instant.

By studying these subjects, in a lively progressive manner we can learn and progress, coming up with solutions and developments to modern day problems to make life and learning easier in the years to come.
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We have to study science because we have to develop our knowledge about our environment,body,and other things that involves the science.
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Because science is one of the ways we have of solving some of our most important problems...

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