2H2O → O2 + 2H2 When An Electric Current Is Passed Through Water, The Reaction Shown Takes Place. If The Arrow Were Pointing In The Opposite Direction, What Type Of Reaction Would The New Reaction Represent?


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Going by the equation you have presented, I believe that the new reaction would be that of hydrogen combustion. Hydrogen combustion is the process by which hydrogen reacts with an oxidizing agent and subsequently burns. It is what is called an exothermic combustion, which basically means that it releases heat energy.

You will find that when you are saying that something is burning you actually mean there is a combustion reaction currently happening. For a combustion reaction to take place two key things must be present. These are fuel and an oxidizing agent. When heat is introduced, the hydrogen will react with the oxygen that results in the release of heat and light energy. Water vapor and heat can be omitted during the reaction.

The powering of cars and other motor vehicles have been achieved in the past with hydrogen combustion but due to the high levels of energy used for the fairly small amounts of power it has never really been a viable alternative for fossil fuels at present. However research and tests are continuing with the hope that one day they can produce a more efficient power that can be used in cars and other vehicles in the future.

Another answer could be Synthesis.

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