What Are The Two Classifications Of Physics?


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When you search this question, you are going to find that there are many different answers that you could be given.

· Classic and mechanic

This is very obvious. There are classic examples of physics, which include explanations that have been used for many years throughout history. They are going to be tried and tested and relied upon for their correctness. Mechanical physics is something that is new and still being tested today. We are using more and more mechanics which we therefore need to try and understand in order to move forward.

· Theoretical and applied

Theoretical is a physics which involves many different ideas and great minds. Applied physics is much more hands on and therefore there are always going to be many different experiments which are going to take place and be understood.

There is also the example of motion physics which is going to different from the historic physics and many more. You are going to have to decide which one of these is going to stimulate you the most or better suit your chosen field of study. You can find all of the information to help you when you search online.

You need not make life more difficult for yourself by researching something that you don't need to know and that isn't going to be helpful for you in any way.

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