What Are The Two Main Division Of Physics?


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The two main divisions of physics are going to be easier to understand that you may think, it is physical and biological. If you are studying the subject, it is likely that you are already going to have a good idea of the two different divisions and if you are only starting you studies you are still going to have a basic knowledge of the two.

• Physical

This relies upon facts and figures. You are going to be expected to use things such as math and equations when you are studying physical physics as there are no 'maybes'. There are only definite answers which can be explained within a logical way to ensure that the right answer is going to be met and discovered.

• Biological

This is the opposite. You are going to have to do many different experiments when it comes to working out the result of biological physics. There are no equations and you are going to have to make different predictions to ensure that you are going to eventually have the answer that you are looking for.

You may think that these two divisions of physics are pretty simple, and they are, you are not going to have to struggle to remember the differences as one is logical and the other is experimental. If you are studying the subjects then you may want to ensure that you go into more detail when you are writing about the two within an exam, and it is not going to be difficult for you to do so.
The two different types of physics are going to have many different examples which you are going to be able to find online and within many different books which have been written by great scientists or just about the discoveries that they made.
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Kinematics and dynamics

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