What Are Definition Of Macro Skills?


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Macro skills are most commonly referred to in English language and refer to listening, speaking, reading and writing.    Listening;  This is a communication technique that requires the listener to understand, interpret and evaluate what he or she hears. Listening effectively improves personal relationships through the reduction of conflict and strengthens cooperation through a collective understanding.      Writing;  Writing is the representation of language in text form. Its needed for transmitting information effectively , keeping records of information and experiences, and relating information from user to user. Writing is the creation of meaning, where the information derived from it can then be passed on.      Reading;  Reading is a means of language acquisition in the communicative process. Reading comprehension involves decoding symbols with the intention of deriving meaning from the text. This can then be used for further processes such as sharing knowledge, self development or simply relaxation and escapism into the realms of fiction. Reading can also significantly improve other micro skills such as spelling, evaluative processes and the imagination.      Speaking;  Speaking is vocalization of human communication. Being able to iterate an idea, concept or opinion etc through speech is essential in the communicative process. Being able to relate what you are thinking in effective, concise and direct manner allows you to present communicate effectively with others in a variety of situations, this avoids elements of confusion that may lead to conflict, allows for self development and growth ( especially if your idea is presented effectively in the workplace) and can help provide an element of control to any given situation by self management.      These skills are essential for the communication process and can make a huge difference to your effectivity in the work place, social situations and your personal life.  Being good at only one of these communicative skills will not help you to smooth away any difficulties which arise during a communication process, approach or solve future problems or successfully achieve objectives which essentially derive from effective communication, i.e learning, presenting, holding a successful meeting.      Each skill is equally vital as each is interrelated. Each macro skill is made up of a combination of micro skills, for example,  writing consists of spelling, speaking of vocabulary etc. As mentioned in the examples.       Learning and consistently seeking to improve these four macro skills are important for   self development, effective communication and success in many different environments and contexts.

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