What Are The Five Macro Skills?


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There are actually four main macro skills, rather than five; these include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Without these important skills, a person may find it difficult to move through life and thrive in ley areas, such as relationships, education, and career.

Defining Macro Skills

• Listening - This basic skill is about hearing and perceiving other people's opinions, and absorbing facts and emotional intelligence derived from the spoken word. However, not every person must hear to listen. For example, deaf people can use sign language or lip-reading to "listen", and they can, in their own way, be excellent listeners. Without good listening skills, it can be difficult to get a grasp of new topics; building meaningful relationships can also be problematic. In fact, listening well is one of the main components of a healthy relationship; both people need to remain committed to listening to their partner.
• Speaking - Speech is a vital form of self-expression; it is also an important tool for survival. For example, speech can be used to indicate danger, or to defend against threats. The power of the spoken word is extreme - one only needs to look at a political rally, and watch the crowd cheer or chant in unison to see what a rousing speech can accomplish. However, again, people who cannot technically speak, such as brilliant scientist Steven Hawking, find other ways to communicate their ideas. Speech is all about communicating thoughts to other people.
• Reading - Literacy is the key to social progress; without the reading skills needed to get an education, citizens will lag behind. Many people still struggle with illiteracy or learning disorders, such as dyslexia; however, there are excellent new methods for tackling these issues. Reading is truly the fundamental skill of knowledge. Whether a blind person reads braille, or a child reads a picture book with simple words, both are experiencing a profound educational tool.
• Writing - Writing is another fundamental tool for expression ideas, facts and figures. Cursive writing and printing are important methods, but both are slowly being replaced by typing, since the world has become centered around electronics, computer keyboards, and texting devices.

When a person has a good grasp of all four macro skills, they will have the basic tool necessary to build a productive and happy life.

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